Lionhead Teases A HD Fable Remake

UPDATE: Microsoft and Lionhead have confirmed Fable Anniversary, due for release this year.

As we build up to the massive event that is E3, Lionhead seem determined to get the hype-machine rolling with a new teaser trailer which suggests the original Fable is going to get the HD remake treatment.

The video shown begins with a montage of people Tweeting the company, asking when or if the original Fable will ever get remade. We’re them treated to a high-definition render of the infamous Jack of Blades before #HideTheChickens appears.

So, everthing points to a high-definition remake of the original Fable, then. And while I’m usually not a fan of remakes I’ve got to say that I’d love to see the first Fable get reworked and released. It was a great gamer for its time and even today holds up pretty well. The big question at this point is whether it’s going to be a pretty standard HD re-release, or if Lionhead have really gone to town and completely remastered the game, possibly even adding in new stuff. Fable deserves the full works.

And in case you’re wondering, the teaser trailers shows that the remake will be coming to Xbox 360. The Xbox One logo was not shown. This means that we can probably safely assume that Fable HD isn’t going to be one of the fifteen Xbox One exclusives promised, which is a conclusion many have already jumped to.

As for a next-gen sequel to Fable III, I’d honestly be very surprised if it isn’t one of the Xbox One exclusives waiting to be announced.

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