EA And DICE Announced Mirror’s Edge 2

Another pretty surprising, and very exciting announcement, to come out of E3 is DICE are officially working on Mirror’s Edge 2, which will be out, “when it’s ready.”

The trailer simply shows us Faith leaping around like a hyperactive toddler and beating up some police, but then that’s all it really needed to reveal.

The first Mirror’s Edge had its fair share of problems and didn’t exactly perform very well comercially, but nevertheless it gained a pretty hard-core following and was almost literally brimming with potential. Here’s hoping Mirror’s Edge 2 can deliver on that potential.

My only gripe about the trailer is how much it focused in beating the snot out of the police force. Combat in the first game was the weakest aspect of the game by far, and kept getting in the way of the parkour, ruining the pace of the game. Still, I can’t blame EA and DICE choosing to give the trailer an action-orientated flair in order to appeal to the broadest market they can. Hopefully the final game keeps the combat to a minimum, unless the system really is spectacular.

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