Microsoft Reveal Release Date And Price For The Xbox One


During their E3 press conference today Microsoft revealed exactly when we can expect to see the next-generation of Xbox and how much we can expect to pay for it.

According to the company the Xbox One will release in November at this year, for the staggering price of $499 or 499 Euros, which works out at £429. To put that into some perspective the Playstation 3, which was heavily criticised for its pricing, launched in the UK with an RRP of £425, while the Xbox 360 launched at £279, with a Core edition at £210.

With a price-tag like that, are you willing to leap aboard the next-generation boat straight away, or will you wait for a price drop? Personally I’m planning on getting both consoles this generation to help expand this site, and money is probably going to be the deciding factor in regards to which one I pick up first and which one I’ll purchase later on.



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  1. The launch price has certainly scared me away now Sony have revealed the price for the PS4, i will eventually get an xbox one but at a sub £400 price probably sometime next year. Sony is winning for me at the moment.

    • Normally I don’t really do winners and losers when it comes to consoles as they usually all offer their own strengths and weaknesses, but I’m in agreement that Sony certainly seem to be offering a far sweeter package for gamers.

      • You could argue the games line up for the ps4 doesn’t seem that strong but in the age of multi million dollar games development i cant see many of the exclusives staying exclusive forever.

      • You could indeed argue that. I honestly felt that neither companies line-up was that astounding. Both were solid, but they played it very safe in what we were shown, which was essentially just prettier versions of what we have today. Nothing really blew me away, with the exception of Star Wars: Battlefront, though obviously we saw very little of that 🙂

        It says something that I’m actually looking forward more to the HD remake of Fable than almost anything else announced for the next-gen. I don’t think I could choose between Sony and Microsoft’s line-up of titles, although I do admit that Sony’s The Order has me intrigued 🙂

  2. Ive never actually bought a HD remake, are they all there cracked upto be?

    I like forza and the dead rising games so ill miss them to begin with, but ill catch up with them when i do eventually buy a xbone, watch dogs and grand theft auto v are the ones im most looking forward to and neither of them next gen exclusive.

    • Usually I don’t support HD remakes as they tend to be lazily done, but in Fable’s case they’ve gone back and overhauled the game considerably with a new UI, lovely graphics and more.

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