Minecraft Is Coming To Xbox One

Since I’ve been away most of the day I’ve been patiently catching up with everything that’s come out of E3 thus far, mostly focusing on the Xbox One related stuff. So far it has been an up and down journey, with the likes of Star Wars: Battlefront and Dead Rising 3 making me a very happy gamer. But now I come to the announcement that has excited me the least: Minecraft is coming to Xbox One. Yay. I suppose.

It’s not that I dislike Minecraft or something, it’s just that….well, it’s not the most inspiring thing to wheel out at your big E3 conference, is it? It’s Minecraft. All the trailer shows is Minecraft, which looks exactly the same as the version available on Xbox 360, and promises bigger worlds and bigge multiplayer. And we can probably safely bet that if you already own Minecraft on Xbox 360, you’re going to have to pay for your Xbox One version.

Ah well. Minecraft.

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