New Halo Game Announced For 2014

In an unsurprising move Microsoft and 343 Industries announced today during Microsoft’s E3 media event that a brand new Halo game will be arriving sometime in 2014, boasting dedicated servers for multiplayer and running at a slick 60FPS. It’ll also be running on a brand new engine to make full use of all that lovely next-gen tech.

The game was announced via a teaser trailer which showed the Master Chief, wrapped up in a cloak, walking through the desert. Exactly why somebody wearing full combat armor would feel the need to don a cloak is something of a mystery. The teaser ends with the word Halo flashing up on-screen, leaving us a little uncertain as to whether it’ll be Halo 5, or something else, though considering everything we see in the video it would certainly seem to be a direct sequel to Halo 4.

A release date was not revealed, but considering Halo 4 was just released at the very end of 2012, we should probably expect to see it in the closing months of 2014, otherwise there’s going to be a lot of people complaining about it being too soon.



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