The PS4 Will Support Pre-Owned Games And Will Require No Internet Check-Ins

At their official press conference Sony launched a brutal right-hook aimed directly at Microsoft in an announcement that for some is bound to have won them over in the so-called console war.

The company announced that the PS4 is going to fully support the pre-owned market, allowing gamers to buy, sell, trade and lend games in whatever manner they see fit, as opposed to Microsoft who are imposing heavy restrictions on what you can and cannot do your games.

They also announced that you won’t need to connect your PS4 every 24-hours in order to play your games, unlike the Xbox One which will stop you from playing your games if you do not connect to the Internet once per day.

And as if they wasn’t quite enough Sony also released a handy video on how to share games on the Playstation 4. All I can say is that Sony must have had a ball coming up with the concept for that video.

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