Microsoft Reveal A Few More Of Xbox One’s Features


Microsoft today took to the stage at San Diego Comic Con and revealed a few more details about their upcoming Xbox One console. Some are interesting, others are just a little bit strange, so let’s jump in to this.

First up Microsoft presented a demo free-to-play fighter Killer Instinct, which was mostly used to present the consoles recording features in better detail. According to that Microsoft bunch the console automatically stores the last 5-minutes of gameplay,  Whenever something cool happens you can simply utter the phrase “Xbox Record” and that suspicious Kinect thing will pick up your voice and the console will automatically save the last 30-seconds of gameplay I’m honestly not sure why it only saves the last half-minute when it has a total of 5-minutes stored at any given. Presumably there will be ways of saving more than just 30-seconds of gameplay. More interestingly you can upload the footage without ever having to leave the game you’re in, which is pretty damn handy.

Another Kinect feature revealed is that the device will automatically detect who the person holding the controller is and then load that persons prefered game settings. So, for example, if you like a certain control layout then Kinect will load those settings for you after figuring out who you are.

Not finished with Kinect Microsoft also demonstrated an unusual feature in which the Kinect can map the players face and then map that face to an in-game model, essentially bringing you to virtual life. Even creepier Kinect can then also monitor your facial expressions and reproduce those expressions in-game.

Smartglass intergration with the Xbox One was also brought up with Microsoft demonstrating a fairly nifty idea in that you can use a Smartglass device to help organise multiplayer sessions. While you’re playing Forza, for example, you can send out invites to your friends for Call of Duty: Ghosts. You’ll then be notified in-game while playing Forza when your mates are ready to play Ghosts.

The news at Microsoft’s conference today wasn’t exactly spectacular, but there were a couple of interesting ideas thrown out there.

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