Ubisoft Unleash New Splinter Cell: Blacklist Trailer Which Shows Off Ghost, Assault And Panther Playstyles

It’s just under a month until Splintercell: Blacklist hits store shelves and to say I’m excited is something of an understatement. I was a fan of Splintercell: Conviction, despite it’s much quicker pace that left many hardcore series fans feeling left out. Blacklist seems to be attempting to blend Conviction and the older games to create something for everyone, which is a brave move as it could go very, very wrong. However, everything I’m seeing thus far is promising, even if I’m struggling to get used to Sam’s new voice-actor, who frankly just doesn’t sound like a man that’s supposed to be in his fifties.

Anyway, the new trailer shows off the different ways you can play through Blacklist. Personally, I’m probably going to be going down the Panther route as I don’t like to leave potential threats alive, tending to take out everyone in the area, even if they’re unlikely to bother me.

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