The Xbox One May End Up Being Backwards Compatible After All


Microsoft have reversed a number of their controversial policies regarding the Xbox One in order to sate the rising blood lust of unhappy fans, but one of the few things that they’ve remained adamant about is that the Xbox One will not be backwards compatible, meaning you won’t be able to play Xbox 360 games on it.  A Microsoft spokesperson even went so far as to suggest that if you really wanted to play Xbox 360 games you should just go and buy an Xbox 360.

But now there is a possibility, however slim, that Microsoft may reverse this decision and make the Xbox One backwards compatible, according to The website conducted a 30-minute long interview with an Xbox One sales lead at a Microsoft store. The interview was standard stuff with the representative sticking to the usual information, until they got to the issue of backwards compatibility, to which the sales lead had this to say:

“I know some parts of the E3 presentation got a lot of flak, but I don’t think everything’s set in stone. I’ve heard the backwards compatibility thing is still being ironed out and might happen. So don’t count on the answer being a firm ‘no’ just yet. They’ve really been listening to feedback, and that includes backwards compatibility for Xbox One.”

The sales lead wished to remain anonymous, but apparently did confirm his authenticity using a scan of the reps business card.

Don Matrick previously stated that backwards compatibility was impossible for the Xbox One, but the Major Nelson also clearly stated that Microsoft would not be changing any of their policies, and mere days later they did. Microsoft have become a hard company to trust, so is it really possible that backwards compatibility could indeed be announced? With the PS4 no direct backwards compatibility built into the console (you’ve got to digitally download old games, and pay for them in the process) it would be a considerably victory for Microsoft if their customers could keep their existing library of games while trading in the Xbox 360 itself.

Fingers crossed that this rumour could turn out to be true, but until it’s officially confirmed take this all with a hefty pinch of salt.

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    • Agreed. It would sway many people, I feel, myself included as I really don’t want to say goodbye to my current collection, though obviously keeping the 360 is an option.

      Oh, and I did get your Email, sir, and will respond to it 🙂

  1. Thank you! My Xbox recently died, and i have an enormous collection of games for the system. Still not sold on the Xbox One, but backwards compatibility is one more check box if they do it. They lost a lot of good will through the reveal, E3, and press relations after. Plus the Kinect thing, really creepy.

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