Call Of Duty: Ghosts On Xbox One Will Have Dedicated Servers


At GamesCom today Activision confirmed that the latest entry in the absurdly popular Call of Duty series is going to feature dedicated servers, something which fans have been wanted for a very long time.

These dedicated servers are going to be provided by the Xbox One’s Cloud service. Sadly there’s been no mention thus far of dedicated servers for any other platform.

Activision also revealed a new game mode called Blitz today, in which players attacked and defended two locations on the map.

And yes, I’m trying to pad out this news post! Uh, toast. Stuff. Shiny things. Bugger it, that”ll do.

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  1. call of duty black ops 2 is one of my fab games so eagerly waiting for Call Of Duty: Ghosts. I want more about on this……

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