Announcement: Graphics Card Supplied By AMD


Hi folks,

So, I’ve got exciting news to share with you guys! As you may or may not know recently I’ve been aiming to get back into the PC gaming scene because it’s on PC that I first began playing many, many years ago. By doing so I was hoping to expand this site as well by being able to write about PC games and delve into the vast Indie and mod scenes. To that extent I got together what money I could and built a new PC, which was a necessity anyway because my old computer was going to die soon, and when it did the site would go with it. I picked out the parts and put the system together, but due to money constraints I had to use an old graphics card that I had lying around, which let the system down, unable to keep up with the rest of the components.

That brings me to the point: I’m proud to announce that  AMD have kindly agreed to supply me with one of their stunning AMD Radeon HD 7790s to use in order to be able to review all the latest games. As you can imagine I’m utterly ecstatic at the moment. The card is already installed in my system and has already proven itself more than capable of handling anything I throw at it, running the likes of Far Cry 3 on the highest settings.  With a price tag of anywhere between £100-140 on average this is a graphics card that doesn’t destroy your wallet while still offering stunning performance, and I can’t recommend it more.

The standard The AMD Radeon HD 7790 sports 1GB of GDDR5 memory, a 1000Mhz engine clock and a 1500Mhz memory clock. The card AMD have provided me with is an ASUS Radeon 7790 Over-Clocked Edition, which boasts dual cooling fans and slightly faster clock speeds.


Over the next few days I’ll b adding a new page talking about AMD,  the card and the system specifications, and the AMD logo will be getting added to the side of the home page. You’ll also notice that any PC game review will clearly state that the game was tested using a AMD Radeon 7790.

Of course this would never have been possible without you guys! Everyone who has ever visited this site has played a massive part in allowing this to happen, in allowing this site to grow large enough and popular enough for a company such as AMD to take an interest, so thank you very, very, very much! I owe you guys everything, so please don’t even think I’ve forgotten that.

And of course a big thank you to the lovely people at AMD who are proving that big companies don’t just ignore the small people out there! You guys are awesome.

So, once again thank you everyone, and I look forward to getting to check out more PC games in the future.


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