There’s Going To Be A Third Riddick Game


As a fan of both Pitch Black and the Chronicles of Riddick, it gives me great pleasure to type this up: Vin Diesel has confirmed that a third Riddick game is in the works, and is being developed by the same crew who put together The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay.

Speaking during an interview with ScreenCrush, Riddick ( I mean Diesel) had this to say: “We just over the past couple of months — just this year — we assembled that team from Starbreeze that brought Escape from Butcher Bay to create the third game.”

For those that don’t know Vin Diesel actually owns his own game studio called Tigon Studios. To be more precise Diesel founded OneRace Films in 1995, a production studio that has gone on to be involved in such projects as the Chronicles of Riddick and the Fast & Furious films. Tigon Studios, founded by Diesel, is a wholly owned subsidiary of OneRace films and is tasked primarily in dealing with games featuring Diesel.

The previous Riddick games were actually very, very good, though never gained as much success as they deserved, so I’m excited for a third game. The third Riddick film, cunningly titled Riddick, is due out this month, though, so it seems like Diesel and co may have missed an opportunity to have the game released at around the same time to maximise potential sales.



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