This Youtube User Has An Xbox One, And Is Showing It Off In Videos


EDITED: Literally seconds after posting this story the owner of the Youtube page shut down his channel. It could be due to the fact that the videos were getting a lot of dislikes, or it could be because his parents forced him to, should the theory below have been correct.

Some kid on Youtube has somehow managed to get his hands on an Xbox One and is currently showing it off in Youtube. Presumably the console is a promotional version, so the question is how did he get it?

The most likely probability would seem to be that one of his parents works for Microsoft. Either way, he’s an idiot.

The Xbox One needs to connect to the Internet when you set it up. Should you refuse the original policies for the Xbox One will be in place, including the 24-hour online check-in, which means one way or another he’s going to have t connect it to the Internet and will likely get the console banned as soon as he does.

And if the theory that one of his parents is a Microsoft employee then they could be in serious trouble. Most likely they would lose their job.

Still, the console itself and other assorted hardware does seem to be genuine. Thus far he’s only posted videos showing the contents of the box, and doing a close-up look of the controller. He claims to have the Xbox One set-up downstairs, but interestingly enough he did the Xbox One controller video upstairs rather than doing it beside the console the self and perhaps showing us it actually running, again making me wonder if one of his parents are MS employees.


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