Titanfall Release Date And Absurdly Expensive Collector’s Edition Announced


If you’re eager to stomp around in your epic Titan then you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer as Respawn Entertainment have finally announced the release date for their first and highly anticipated game Titanfall, and it’s not any time soon – March 11th in North American and March 14th for the UK.

“Since we revealed the game in June we’ve been absolutely blown away by the reaction to Titanfall,” said Vince Zampella, a Co-Creator of Call of Duty and Co-Founder of Respawn Entertainment. “The feedback we’re getting from fans around the world is fueling our team as we head towards March and motivating us to deliver an experience that lives up to the hype.”

Okay, so we’ve got a bit of time to while away, but apart from a release date Respawn and EA also revealed a pretty awesome Titanfall Collector’s Edition, which you can see pictured above. The Collector’s Edition comes packing an 18″ hand-crafted and rather cool looking Titan statue which features LED lighting. It also comes with a 190-page art-book filled with lovely concept images, and a full-size schematic of a Titan. Sounds like one amazing Collector’s Edition, right?

Wrong. Well, not quite. The contents are brilliant, but the price isn’t: the Titanfall Collector’s Edition comes with a suggested retail price of £249.99. I seriously hope that’s a typo. I mean, yes, the statue is incredibly nice, but £250? Not for me.


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