Battlefield 4’s Campaign Is Around 4-hours Long, Claims Reddit User


Reddit user BoomerFTW has already gotten hold of his copy of Battlefield 4 and has completed the singleplayer campaign in just 4-hours on the normal difficulty. To prove that he does indeed have a copy of the and isn’t just making it all up he included the above picture of the end-credits. Of course this doesn’t mean that he’s telling the truth about his completion time, but it’s hard to see why he’d be lying to us.

Still, short completion time or no, BoomerFTW did seem to quite enjoy the campaign, saying, “I enjoyed it way more than the bf3 campaign. It had more cinematic moments and the options to choose how you get past a section kept it interesting. Also the character development reminded me of the bad company games (although there wasn’t as many funny lines of dialogue). The environments were various enough to keep it fresh and interesting and the points system made it worth taking the time to take out enemies. Overall worth the time, just short.”

Let’s face it, who is buying Battlefield 4 for the singleplayer? Still, it’s disappointing to see yet another FPS with an embarrassingly short campaign.

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  1. 3 hours 20 minutes for me and probably one of the worst campaign modes ive ever played, but i know the online element will more then make up for it, after all no one really buys games of this series for the campaign anyway.

    • I’ve not heard much good about the campaign so far, either. I’ve got an untouched review copy sitting here, so I intend on breaking that open tonight and so how it goes.

    • I just got started on the Ghosts campaign this afteroon. About an hour in and so far it’s pretty much a by the numbers Call of Duty campaign, which is to say good but familiar.

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