Gamer Gets His Xbox One Early And Gets Banned For Playing It, But Not Before He Shares Plenty Of Information


Twitter user  Moonlightswami  was a rather happy gamer when Target made a mistake and delivered his Xbox One a full two-weeks ahead of the consoles official release on Nov. 22nd, along with his copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Like any enthusiastic gamer would he immediately set the console up and began playing, all while taking to Twitter to chat about his experience with the Xbox One, which naturally the rest of us were all eager to hear about.

Here’s what we learned from  Moonlightswami  and his Tweets:

– Using a stopwatch to time it a cold boot of the console (from off to operational) took 17-seconds.
– Both the console and power brick are, “very quiet”
– After several hours both the console and brick were only warm, and still quiet.
– The console “looks solid, feels heavy, great quiet fan, good ports. Doesn’t look flimsy at all like 360.”
– The controller “is very interesting. The triggers are firmer and don’t go down as much as 360, LB and RB are bigger, thumbsticks grippier.”
– Video options: Resolution: 1080p or 720p, HDMI or DVI, Color Depth: 24 30 or 36 Bits per pixel, TV RGB limited or PC RGB full
–  Audio options: HDMI: Stereo uncompressed, 5.1 uncompressed, 7.1 uncompressed, DTS digital surround. Optical: Stereo uncompressed, DTS Digital surround.
– Firing up an installed game (CoD: Ghosts, on this occasion) takes between 15-20 seconds.
– Installing Call of Duty: Ghosts (49GB) took 30-minutes.
– The game began installing as soon as the disc was inserted.
–  Moonlightswami  was able to begin playing Ghosts once installation reached 50%
– Downloading the day-one patch took 2-minutes on a 65 Mb/s downstream. connection.
– The update began as soon as the console was connected.
– Avatar clothing transfers over seamlessly.
– Only Online and Offline statuses are available.
– Kinect is very responsive. Moonlightswami said he only had to repeat commands if he spoke them too softy, or if the room was rather noisy.
– The Xbox One also correctly identified the voice of one of Moonlightswami’s friends over Skype.
– Holding the Xbox button on the controller opens up a menu where you can turn off the controller or the console, as it does with the Xbox 360.
– He mentioned that Audio CD player, Hulu, Skype, Blu-Ray Disc, Netflix, Skydrive and NFL were available to him.
– The dashboard has three tabs: pins, home and store.
– Kinect’s cord is 6ft long. The HDMI cable is 5ft long, and the power cord is quite long as well.

Sadly the stream of information dried up when it was revealed that Microsoft banned Moonlightswami’s console for playing it. Considering the console was legally purchased this seems to be a bit of a dick move on Microsoft’s behalf as Moonlightswami was doing nothing wrong. He had signed no Non-Disclosure Agreement, and his console had been legally acquired through Target, regardless if its early delivery was through retailer error.However, according to Microsoft’s terms and conditions they do indeed have the right to ban him. Lovely.

While I can understand Microsoft’s knee-jerk reaction their beloved machine arriving early, they could have handled this situation far better by contacting Moonlightswami and explaining the problem to him, and then banning him from online play until the console’s official release later this month, although admittedly a ban from online play would almost be pointless since nobody else has the damn thing.

They could have also chosen to request that Moonlightswami signed a document agreeing to not talk about the Xbox One until the consoles official release and only use it offline. Had he refused or broken that agreement then Microsoft could have then applied the ban.

Instead they simply ran in and whacked him with the ban hammer, and thus far do not seem to have told him whether his console will be unbanned on Nov.22nd. Moonlightswami also had his Youtube video of unboxing the console removed and a strike added to his channel, again for no discernible reason as the video was of a legally purchased console.  The video did not show him actually turning on or otherwise using the console, and hence nothing was shown that has not already been seen in Microsoft’s own official video.

Poorly handled, MS, poorly handled. You’ve punished someone harshly for doing nothing wrong, and who was actually providing some positive publicity for you. Target are at fault for shipping out the console ahead of release, and Moonlightswami was simply happy to get his hands on it.

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  1. I dunno. I think if you knowingly choose to enter into a heavily bureaucracized agreement that anything like this that comes to your imagination should be expected. I have a hacked PS3 and a legit xbox one. I’m not going to be the first to find out the hard way that if I run my hacked PS3’s hdmi out through my xbox one’s hdmi in it will result in a ban just because hacking is hacking and it somehow goes against some “unwritten” clause in xbla’s T&C, not when I can just hook it up to my TV’s hdmi2. How do I know they can’t monitor what goes in through the Xbox One’s hdmi in? Don’t call it paranoia when you know it’s just a common sense measure of caution.

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