Bethesda Trademark Fallout 4 Name


Just days ago Reddit users discovered what many are calling a teaser site for Fallout 4. The Reddit users discovered Jacascript that mentions Fallout, and a quick investigation reveals that the site,, is registered to┬áZeniMax Media, who owns Bethesda. What’s more the Reddit users deciphered the morse code on the site, revealing the date December 11th, 2013.

Still, there were many inconsistencies between the site and others registered to ZeniMax that raised some serious doubt about its legitimacy, but now more potential evidence has come to light: Bethesda has just trademarked the name Fallout 4.

Now, companies trademark names all the time in order to protect themselves and their work, and a large portion of those trademarks never actually get used, but in conjunction with the discovered site it does create a compelling mystery. What’s more, why did Bethesda only just get around to trademarking the name now, when they’ve had years to do so?

Currently Bethesda are refusing to say whether or not the survivor site is theirs. I guess we’ll have to wait until December 11th to find out if there’s anything to all of this.


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