New Call of Duty: Ghosts Patch Drops 6GB Ram Requirement To 4GB


To say that there was shock amongst gamers when Activision announced that you’d need at least 6GB of Ram to run Call of Duty: Ghosts on PC would be something of an understatement. Series veterans found themselves suddenly unable to play the latest game, despite the fact that it was running on practically the same engine has previous entries and was able playable on consoles with just 512mb of Ram.

Many wondered what exactly had caused this sudden increase in requirements, as screenshots of the game in action revealed good graphics, but nothing spectacular, and there had been no mention of other features which required 6GB of Ram.

Once the game launched those with a technical mind were quick to investigate, and to discover that the game never seemed to use more than 2GB of Ram at any given time. They proceeded to create a modification for the game that allowed anybody with 4GB to play, when before if you had lower than 6GB the game would refuse to start.

Today Activision have released a 400mb patch, that among things, allows you to start and play the game with 4GB of Ram, or at least that’s what Reddit user mkapex1 is claiming. Since I don’t have the PC version I cannot confirm whether this is the case personally, but many other gamers from around the web are reporting this to be the case.

Apparently the patch also fixed menu stuttering and introduced a Broadcaster mode. As of the moment Activision have released no official patch notes.


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