A Brief Post About Which Next-Gen Console I’m Getting


Gooooooooooood afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

So, as we must all know by this point the next generation of consoles are arriving with all the momentum of a sloth. I know that sounds harsh, but does any seem genuinely excited about it? Back at the launch of the Xbox 360 and PS3 people were going nuts, but this time around everything seems far more subdued. Even I’m not buzzing like I thought I would be, or like when I was awaiting my Xbox 360.

But anyway, the point is that I obviously need a next-gen console in order to help this site keep chugging away, so this is just a quick post to inform ya’ll which console I’m picking up, and when. The plan is to eventually own both the PS4 and the Xbox One, but due to those pesky money constraints I can only afford to buy one, and will have to purchase the other some time down the line.

The console I’ve chosen to get first is the Xbox One.

Personally I would likely have chosen to go with the PS4 this generation. While the Xbox One has a stronger line-up of currently announced titles, the PS4 is the stronger system from a technical standpoint and was presented with a far clearer message from the beginning, although Microsoft choosing to reverse their horrible policies brought the console into very strong contention again, for me. The Xbox One has some great ideas, but many of them sound like they’re for a world that doesn’t exist yet, while the PS4 is designed for the here and now.

However, I also had to consider this website in my decision, which is why I ultimately chose to go with the Xbox One in order to make for an easier transition when reviewing. Because I was with the Xbox 360 for this entire generation I’m already very familiar with all of its core exclusive franchises, making reviewing their inevitable sequels on the Xbox One a far easier task as I have a basis for comparison, whereas on the PS4 I’d be completely lost trying to talk about Uncharted 4 or the new Killzone, so for now it makes sense to continue on with Xbox and pick up the PS4 when money allows. Hopefully that will be in the first half of 2014, but I won’t hold my breath.

The bummer is due to a frustrating retailer error I won’t get my Xbox One until some point between now and Dec. 27th, with the later date being the most likely. Essentially I’m just sitting here watching Angry Joe unboxing his Xbox One and cursing the fact that he gets to make money doing it, the bastard. To be completely honest I can barely afford to pick up the Xbox One, but hey, I freakin’ love working on this site, so its worth it. Plus, new games.

So, yeah, that’s the situation at the moment. I really should have had my order in for a day-one Xbox, but I just couldn’t be sure of having the money at hand in time, so I had to order late, and then the error occured pushing it back further. But reviews for Xbox One games will be coming, although obviously it seems out going to miss out on covering the initial launch titles, but in the mean time I’ll carry on doing Xbox 360 and PC stuff, plus some more board games in the form of Pandemic and Settlers of Catan. That should keep me busy.

And then it’ll be a case of eating pot noodles for a while in order to acquire me a shiny PS4, which I’m really looking forward to.

All of this also means you’ll largely see any news focused on the Xbox One for now.

Right, I’m off to carry on playing Blood Knights for review. *shudders*

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