By Heck It’s Quiet At The Moment. Here’s An Update


So, the new consoles are now all officially out and boys and girls across the globe are playing Dead Rising 3, Forza 5 and Knack. But despite this it’s all kind of quiet…

There’s been no interesting news to speak of, hence the lack of content being posted here. So I thought I’d pop up and just provide a quick update as to what I’m doing and assure you all that yes, more reviews are coming!

The only actual videogame I’m definitely going to be reviewing at the moment is Need for Speed: Rivals for the Xbox 360, which I’m quite enjoying. However a few days ago my Xbox One turned up and I’ve picked up Battlefield 4 and Dead Rising 3 for that, so I’m considering offering up my views on the zombie-slaying exclusive, but to be brutally honest I’m actually quite enjoying having just one game that I absolutely have to write as its giving me the chance to relax and enjoy games that I want to play. I know it sounds strange but constantly playing titles begins to drag after a while, especially as I usually end up pushing hard through them to get reviews out quickly. Compared to most review sites I really take my time writing about games, but even so there’s still a sense of pressure to get through each one quite quickly, often packing in hours upon hours each day to get it done before moving straight on to the next game.

Take Skyrim for example. I freakin’ loved that game, and for the sake of the review I put 70-hours in across 2-weeks before taking another week to actually write about the game. The reason I take my time writing reviews is simply because I think any review written immediately after completing a game can contain opinions swayed  too much by the final few hours of play. Take Mass Effect 3, for example: if you sat down to write a review about it as soon as the credits have rolled the entire piece would likely end up colored by the ending, perhaps even covering up completely the brilliance of the many hours of gameplay that came before it. Likewise a review of a terrible game with a great final few hours could end up with an questionably positive slant should the writer still be caught up in the ending. Thus I feel that waiting a day or two before writing a review allows for some reflection, and for any strong feelings about any single moment/s during the game to give way to more considered thoughts about the title as a whole.

But I’ve wandered off-topic – Skyrim. I loved Skyrim, but after putting 70+ hours into the game in order to review it, when I sat back down to play it during the weekend I couldn’t muster up much sense of enjoyment. I had burned myself out on it. In order to ignite my passion again I’ve just picked it up during the Steam sale in the hope that the  better graphics and wealth of mods will let me enjoy a game that I damn well want to enjoy!

So, yeah, I’m honestly kind of happy that there’s not a stack of videogames sitting on my desk waiting to be played and reviewed! I’m planning on taking my time with Dead Rising 3, exploring every corner of the map, and on investing plenty of time into Battlefield 4 in order to re-learn the skills I lost after Bad Company 2. I know, I’m complaining about getting free games and about getting to write about them. Sorry. It sounds pretty bad when I see it written down.

I have contacted the correct publishers regarding getting hold of the likes of Forza 5 and Ryse to review, but I’m not hopeful as I’m fairly sure stock would have already been sent out to sites able to snag a console on launch day. Due to Christmas coming up its unlikely that I’ll be picking those games up, either, as all money must go toward presents! Peggle 2 is due out soon, though, so I might be able to snag a copy of that and offer up some thoughts.

But while there’s no videogame reviews planned past Need for Speed: Rivals there are two board game write-ups coming along, the first of which will be for the truly awesome Pandemic, and the second for the classic Settlers of Catan, so keep checking back for those! I’m really thinking of mixing in a few board games every now and then, so let me know what you think of the reviews as I’m still very much finding my feet when talking about board games in this manner. Mind you, I’m still finding my feet with all of this.

In other news I’ll be giving away codes for a load of Daedalic games in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that!

Finally I do intend on writing up my impressions of the Xbox One.

Right. That’s everything.

Have fun!

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