Bungie’s Destiny Release Date Revealed. Beta Will Go Live In The Summer


Bungie’s upcoming shooter has finally gotten a release date as the company announced it will be arriving on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC on September 9th of 2014. So, yeah, we’ve still got an entire year to wait, which inevitably means another year of trailers, screenshots, nonsense previews and other such stuff to try and create artificial hype.

Did I mention I’m starting to get real tired of this absurdly long promotional cycles? Destiny was announced back in February, and now we’ve got another year before the game actually launches? I would have much preferred it if Destiny had been announced 6-months before launch, providing ample time to build up hype without me ever running the risk of getting sick fed up of hearing about it.

Bioshock: Infinite did this. About a week before its launch I was this close *waves fingers vaguely in front of the screen* of hating the bloody thing because I’d heard so much about it and seen so much about it. Good thing it was actually an awesome game.

PR companies take note, announcing your game a year or even two before release and then attempting to sustain the hype actively makes me dislike your game. Seriously. At least wait until the game is actually more than just some gleam in a developers eye and you can be sure of making the release date you announce. I’m looking at you, Infinite.

Rant over.

Bungie also revealed that the beta for Destiny will be available in Summer, 2014 on PS3 and PS4 first.

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