First Quantum Break Gameplay Surfaces

The mysterious Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break has been shown of at VGX, giving us a very brief glimpse of the gameplay. At its core it’s actually a fairly standard shooter with cover mechanics in place, but its unique angle comes from the fact that time is misbehaving, violently jumping back and forth, and even pausing to create awesome looking environments to fight in.

Alongside the game there’s also a live-action show to watch which will be packaged on the disc.

To be honest the game hasn’t quite convinced me yet. The brief moments of gameplay showed a straightforward shooter, albeit it one with very pretty backdrops to fight in, but backdrops nonetheless. Still, I am interested in seeing what else there is to the game, such as exactly what time powers we’ll be given.


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  1. Although I think there is too many shooters on the main gaming platforms, I do believe that Quantum Break is just a normal standard shooter. Considering that most of the XBOX audience are big shoot-em-up fans, it does make sense to put the genre at the forefront of the XBOX One. I think only time will tell until I think Titanfall completely dethrones Remedy’s Quantum Break. But as the industry is changing all the time, it’s never say never to say the very least. I do think the PS4 and the Wii U have a better diversity of games whilst the XBOX One is focused on the living room. But it all comes down to personal preference.

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