Competition Time: Win The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav And Memoria On Steam


Christmas is nearly upon us and with it all comes all the ghoulish terrors of…wait, that’s Halloween. Sorry, my bad.

The point is that Christmas is coming, and therefore it makes some sense to give away a game or two. Courtesy of the brilliant people over at Daedalic I’ve got several of their games to give away, including The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav and its sequel The Dark Eye: Memoria, two excellent point and click games.

To win them both all you need to do is send an Email to with the subject line, “The Dark Eye Competition” and in the body of the Email just write whatever you like. Go nuts.

Once the competition is over I’ll pick a winner at random and send over the Steam codes via Email. To activate it simply open up Steam, press the Games tab and select activate code. Follow the steps, repeat for the second game and there you go!

Here’s the honest bit: this is not IGN or Gamespot. Millions of people a month do not pass through this site, and therefore you’ve got a far, far better chance of actually winning a competition here than you do with the likes of them.

The closing time for entries will December 19th at 11pm. I’ll notify the winner by Email and send them their code.

Have fun, ya’ll.

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