Capcom Release Massive 13GB Update For Dead Rising 3


Over the years I’ve seen some pretty hefty updates released for games, but Dead Rising 3 might just take the cake with its whopping 13GB patch that’s just hit today.

That’s right, if you plan on playing Dead Rising 3 you better be willing to allot some download time, although obviously the Xbox One does allow you to play the whilst downloading the update.

For those worried about another 13GB of HDD space being taken up reports are filtering in that after replacing old files the update only actually adds about another 2GB to the game’s total size.

Some people are theorising that this huge update actually contains the first piece of planned DLC for the game and that you’re being forced to download all the files for it. This wouldn’t be the first time something like this has been done – Battlefield 3’s substantial updates often included all the files for upcoming DLC, and purchasing the add-on merely activated them on your end.

Thus far Capcom have not revealed the official patch notes, so we’re all left in the dark, quietly pondering what’s inside all that data.

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