An Update On What’s Coming, And A Quick Apology


Hello one and all,

So, before I really get going I want to offer a pre-emptive apology for any delays in the coming week or two and for any posts that seem to be of an even lower quality than I normally produce. Yesterday my beloved dog Rocky passed away after 13-years of life, having been a rescued dog who was badly abused before he came to us. I knew a week beforehand that it would be done, and for that entire week I’ve been completely unable to get more than a few words jotted down for a couple of reviews I’m doing. We took him in, and he slipped away in my arms. I miss him.

I just hope that all the years we had him made up for that injustices done to him, and that his last thoughts were good.

Uh, I’m still finding it hard to concentrate on anything or really work up any passion for writing a review. I’m managing to write some stuff, but I can tell it’s coming across as flat. On top of that on Monday I was in for an operation on my nose, and the amount of meds they prescribed have also made me a little fuzzy minded. So, yeah, if I do get any reviews out in the next week or even two and they seem a little off from my usually sort of okay quality then I apologise now. It’ll take me a little while to just not having my buddy around.

But on to brighter stuff. I thought I’d let you guys know what I do have coming up, something which I should probably do more often.

First of all I’m planning on writing up a preview of Larian’s upcoming Divinity: Original Sin, based upon the current early-access version of the game available on Steam.My thoughts on the Early Access scheme are really very mixed, something which I may yet end up writing about, though we all know my opinion piece skills aren’t great, but thus far I’m quite impressed with the game and see a lot of potential.

I’ve also finally gotten my hands on a promotional copy of the Firefly board game, having promised a review way back in the closing months of 2013. As a bit of a Firefly fanatic the idea of a board game really appeals to me, and I’m happy to say that for the most part the final product is living up to expectations. A full review of that should be up soonish.

A review code came through for the newly released Guise of the Wolf. Alright, so both TotalBiscuit and Jim Sterling have released videos demonstrating how terrible this game, but in a weird way I’m kind of looking forward to playing it and getting to rip into it in a review, because I don’t get to often really trash a game these days.

Meanwhile Steelseries have sent over both their new Wireless H headset and Rival mouse, both of which so far have been great, though they arrived only on Monday so my time with them between hospital and the things mentioned above has amount of barely a few hours. Still, they have a lot of promise.

Finally I’ve been looking into sound bars lately thanks to quite a few people dropping me a message to discuss them and whether they’re worth using in conjunction with the new consoles. I’ve been attempting to reach out so some companies in the hopes of trying one or two out, but haven’t had any luck so far. We’ll see how that goes.

On a final note, what the hell is up with this entire King trademarking the word candy thing? Jesus, that was stupid.

So there’s the update. Thank you everyone, for being awesome.


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