Titanfall Beta On Xbox One Runs At A Native Resolution Of 792p, But The Finished Game Could Run At 900p


Resolution obsession is a very real thing these days, and near the centre of it lies Respawn Entertainments Titanfall. Exactly what resolution the Xbox One version of the game will be running at has been a point of heated contention amongst players around the world, and Respawn have thus far remained tight lipped regarding the subject.

However, TitanfallBlog grabbed the opportunity to quiz Respawn’s  Community Manager Abbie Hepp on the subject at a special Titanfall press event held last week, at which journalists had a chance to get some time with the game.

Abbie informed them that during the upcoming public beta this weekend Titanfall will be running at a native 792p resolution,  which is an increase over the previously rumoured 720p.

Abbie went on to state that as Titanfall moves closer to completion that resolution will be increased. Not exact figure was stated, but Abbie said that it could potentially rise to 900p, which is what I’m personally expecting.

As for the strange sounding resolution of 792p, it’s actually not very unusual. A lot of games run at odd resolutions and are then upscaled.

Why am I expecting a resolution of at least 900p? Simply said the minimum system requirements for Titanfall on PC are very low, thus we can safely assume the game isn’t hugely demanding from a technological standpoint, and therefore being able to run at a smooth 60fps and native resolution of 900p should be a perfectly attainable goal.

But then, I’m not the bloke making the game.

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