Rumour: Leaked Image Suggests Dishonored 2 Will Be Announced At E3 This Year

Dishonored 2

A curious image has surfaced on the magical Internetz suggesting that a sequel to Dishonored will be announced at E3, and that furthermore the game will set in Tyvia.

However, the image has arrived under what would appear to be rather odd circumstances, further confusing the question of whether it’s genuine or not. The picture shown above first appeared when AllGamesBeta tweeted it earlier today.

The owner of AllGamesBeta, a relatively small gaming blog, later appeared on NeoGaf, commenting in a thread created specifically to talk about the leaked image. The site owner explained that he/she had gotten an Email containing the image, and which simply said:

“That might be of interest for you. Cant tell my sources. Your choice. #DarknessOfTyvia.”

The owner further explained that he/she had never received an Email from this person before, and has no idea how to go about trying to confirm whether the source or image is legitimate or a hoax.

As for the picture itself it certainly looks like a fairly typical teaser image designed to get people excited for the full E3 reveal, and a Dishonored sequel has always been a fairly safe bet given how well it performed both critically and commercially. However, there’s no denying how easy an image like this is to fake, and the manner in which it was received is rather odd.

Of course this wouldn’t be the first time a leak has been sent to a smaller website, either.

So, is it a fake image crafted by the website’s owner to try to put his or her blog on the map? Is it just some random Internet troll having a laugh? Could it be a clever marketing ploy by Bethesda? Given that the image promises a full reveal at E3 it seems highly unlikely that Bethesda would confirm this as genuine regardless of whether or not it is.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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