The Average Player Will Take 35-40 Hours To Play Through Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

According to Watch Dog’s creative director Jonathan Morin, the average player can expect to spend somewhere around 35-40 hours completing the game, with gamers who want to see and do everything able to expect 100-hours of content.

Replying to fan on Twitter Morin said:

Of course this is merely basic marketing hyperbole, as using big numbers is a time-honored tradition of building up a game, despite it meaning very little. A hundred hours of pure content sounds appealing, especially given that the topic of game length has become a focal point once again with multiplayer only titles such as Titanfall launching, but Ubisoft have had a long history of padding out their game with simple, repetitive tasks.

Does it really matter that you can get 100-hours of play time if the quality of those hours is poor? Sadly people are easily fooled into thinking more is better, when that’s not always the case.

But then, there is the thrilling possibility that Watch Dogs might be one of the few games to ever give us fantastic, quality gameplay that supports such a length. Should it manage that then it may just be fulling deserving of its hype.

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