Codemasters Announce Grid Autosport And Release Debut Trailer

Codemasters have stepped forth to announce the third entry in the Grid racing series, this one titled Grid Autosport, which will be released on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on June 27th in Europe and June 24th in the US.

Apparently Grid Autosport will not only see the return of cockpit cam, but will also focus on five different styles of racing, namely touring, endurance, open-wheel, tuner competitions and street. The game will contain over 100 routes spread across 22 different locations throughout the world, so it doesn’t seem to be skimping on content.

The multiplayer side of the game will be built upon Codemaster’s RaceNet system which will allow for the formation of clubs.

Speaking to IGN Codemasters explained their decision not to bring Grid Autosport to current-gen consoles: 

“One of the unique things for us is we’ve got our own internal Ego technology. We built this one off the the same heritage of all the previous games have been built to this point. That means we’ve already got a ready-made engine that’s highly optimised for the current-gen hardware, but also PC can really benefit from that. If we moved that particular engine onto next-gen, it’s almost a port job and you’re not really doing a next-gen game. We’re building something that’s forced onto those consoles, that’s not naturally built for them.”

However, they also assured Codemasters that they’re working on Xbox One and PS4 games.

Considering Grid 2 didn’t exactly make big waves when it arrived Codemasters will be looking to impress this time around. To be entirely honest I’m struggling to raise any particular enthusiasm just yet, but hopefully Codies can deliver a stellar racer.

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