Activision Release Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reveal Trailer, And It’s Actually Kind Of Good

Well, this is rather strange. Just yesterday Sledgehammer announced that they would be revealing a “New Era” of Call of Duty on May 4th, even placing a countdown on the official Call of Duty website. And yet here we are with the reveal trailer, a full two days early.

What’s up with that?

Well, it would appear to be a reaction to a leaked audio file and Destructoid discovering, through an unnamed source, what the title of the was and what the general storyline was going to be about.

But hey, Kevin Spacey! Despite my own growing frustration with the series, that’s a pretty well made trailer and Kevin Spacey sells it completely. While it did look as heavily scripted as ever, there’s a smidgen of hope to be had from the private military premise and all the cool technology shown off. Hover-bikes? Sweet! As for Spacey’s speech, it was surprisingly well written.

According to Destructoid’s source, you’ll be playing as a soldier working for Kevin Spacey’s character, who has turned against the American government. If that’s true, and we take into account the speech delivered in the trailer, Sledgehammer may just be daring to try something new in the storyline department, namely portraying America as the bad guys rather than the good guys, which, quite frankly, is not that far from reality.

C’mon, Sledgehammer, don’t screw this up. Show us you have what it takes to bring Call of Duty back to the top of the food chain.

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  1. Ive mixed feelings on this game, i love the hype and build up for the call of duty games, and the comedy twist they like to put into there tv adverts but i cant help feeling let down when i actually play the game, especially the online element. I really hope that they decide to allow dedicated servers and push support for more people on a map. Cod maps always seems to small and BF4 maps just too big in some cases would be nice if this game can find the middle ground.

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