The Future Of Unreal Tournament To Be Revealed Next Week


It has been a long time since we last saw Unreal Tournament, but now Epic are hinting that it’s coming back in one form or another. Epic Games VP and co-founder Mark Rein has ventured onto Twitter to mention how excited he is for the comback of Unreal Tournament.

Meanwhile Paul Meegan announced that the “future of Unreal Tournament” would be revealed on Thursday Thursday the 8th of May at 2pm ET.


So, what does this mean? Are we getting Unreal Tournament 4? Maybe it’ll return as a free-to-play digital-only game.

Back in March Epic stated at GDC that they are not working on a new Unreal Tournament and have no plans on doing so. However, this does not mean that someone else is not working on creating a new entry in the series. Perhaps the upcoming announcement will be to reveal a new developer in charge of the Unreal Tournament license.

A while back there was also talk of the Unreal Tournament community getting together to make a new game themselves. Epic stated that they really liked the idea, but sadly would not be able to allow the fans to use the actual Unreal Tournament name and assets, thus there is also a possibility, however unlikely, that this has changed.

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