Rockstar Apparently Have Something Planned For Next-Gen Systems This Fiscal Year



Rockstar are an elusive company and tidbits of news are to be gathered up like a squirrel gathering nuts for a harsh winter. Mere days ago a PC version of Red Dead Redemption was spotted on  Microsoft Compatibility Central, and now Take-Two has revealed that the creators of Grand Theft auto have something planned for this fiscal year.

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said during an earnings call today that he’s “very excited about what they [Rockstar] have in store for next-gen systems in this fiscal year,” To explain, the current fiscal year ends in March of 2015.

Speculation has been rife that Grand Theft Auto V might get ported to Xbox One and Playstation 4, so could that be what Rockstar have planned? Or could we perhaps be getting a remastered version of Red Dead Redemption to accompany its PC release? Perhaps a new Bully is on the horizon.

Maybe, dare I even say it, a new Red Dead game?

Oh, and in other news even a company as large and experienced as Take-Two are completely incapable of of correctly using the term, “next-gen.” Xbox One and PS4, and for that matter Wii U, are current generation now. Get it right.

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