Let’s Play Project Temporality

Project Temporality is a fascinating indie game that I currently have in for review that focuses on the use of time to solve puzzles. The player can rewind and fast forward time, as well as create clones that follow your previous actions to the letter.

I’m barely an hour in and already I’m struggling to progress through some of the fiendish puzzles, which also require precision timing to complete.

This video is a brief look at the game, and of me failing miserably, something which makes me massively sad as I’m usually pretty good at puzzle games.

I was going to upload some raw gameplay footage from further in the game, but thus far I have the feeling most videos will be standing around, sounding confused and failing to grasp the puzzles. Do I really want that online for all to see?

Regardless, first impressions are good. Fingers crossed the quality is maintained throughout the game.

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