TotalBiscuit Has Sadly Been Diagnosed With Cancer


Youtube legend John Bain, better known as TotalBiscuit or the Cynical Brit, has sadly been diagnosed with cancer. He took to Twitter today to make his announcement, following a video back in April where he revealed that doctors had found a small mass in his Colon, using the situation to urge people to get checked themselves if they had any suspicions.

On Twitter he stated:

But he followed up by saying:

Furthermore upon discovering people were attempting to raise money in order to pay for any treatment he might need he said:

Let’s be clear: cancer is a motherfucking bitch. However, it’s good that Totalbiscuit is approaching it with a sense of humour, and also viewing it as an opportunity to encourage other people to get themselves checked out. Everything he has said thus far indicates that his chances are very good.

It should also be made clear that Biscuit is not a special case.  Myself and 1.6-million subscribers watch his videos on a regular basis and chat to him via Twitter, and so this diagnosis is like a personal blow, and so it’s easy to place him on a pedestal of sorts. But far, far too many people are diagnosed with cancer every year and there’s no difference between them and Biscuit. Nobody deserves to be hit with any form of the disease, and yet sadly it remains a part of human life. Where there is a difference is that Biscuit is a prominent, liked and respected member of both the gaming and Youtube communities, and with his following the spotlight is naturally upon him, which also puts him in the position to simply remind everyone that cancer is still out there and getting checked out can make all the difference. On a more personal note, he’s also been a big influence on me and how I tend to approach reviewing any game.

Best of luck, TotalBiscuit, best of luck.




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