BioWare Release Mass Effect 4 Teaser Trailer, And Announce Work On New IP

Putting aside the controversey surrounding the ending of the third game, the Mass Effect trilogy is one of my most treasured experiences from the past generation. I cannot count the hours I’ve put into those games, playing them over and over, forming relationships with virtual characters that, almost terrifyingly, feel real.

Naturally, then, I’m excited about the new entry in the series, although caution is warranted.

For E3 this year BioWare decided to release a short teaser trailer for the new Mass Effect game. It doesn’t show very much, but we have learned is that the game will be set in an entirely new region of space and features a cast of new characters as well.

Meanwhile the trailer also announces a new IP under development by BioWare, although they’re being cagey about that, too, the sneaky bastards.

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