This Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Footage Is Spectacular

After the disappointing Arkham Origins Rocksteady are back to finish of their trilogy of games with Batman: Arkham Knight, offering up the first glimpse of actual gameplay at E3.

The video clocks in at around the five-minute mark, and flaunts the game’s obvious graphical prowess. Gotham city has never looked quite this beautiful, and Batman has never looked this fluid in motion. Aside from the graphics upgrade, a few new things are shown off such as fear takedowns, but the big talking point is the powerful Batmobile, shown as being able to smash through chunks of concrete with ease before turning into a tank.

My only reservations are that the shaky cam when driving the car seemed obnoxious, and the handling appeared to be quite twitchy, especially for something which such obvious mass. Otherwise, this was a damn fine look at Batman: Arkham Knight.

Oh, and it also offers up our first look at the Scarecrow. Ooft.

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