The Division Gameplay Footage Is Truly Spectacular

Ubisoft finally gave us another glimpse into The Division, their RPG/Shooter which has now been sadly delayed until 2015, and damn does it look good!

Of course it’s easy to get lost in just how impressive the Snow Drop engine is, displaying an incredible level of detail and fluid animation. A particuilar highlight for me was a brief moment when ┬ácouple of paint cans got caught in the crossfire, splattering the paint across the environment. It was a nice touch, neatly displaying just how much attention to detail has been lavished upon The Division.

From a gameplay perspective the combat looked solid and video, though short, gave us a glimpse at quite a few different gadgets, including a flame turret and firefly drone. The base of operations also fascinated me.

But as exciting as all this is it was ultimately a very short demo and doesn’t offer enough to form a solid opinion. There’s still a lot we need to know, and there’s also plenty of time between now and release. A graphical downgrade, for example, remains possible, a simple fact of development that got blown out of proportion in regards to Watch Dogs, and will the game ultimately be able to tie its massive ambition together?

I’m excited at the moment.

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