Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Officially Announced For Xbox One And PS4, Trailer Released

Following the game being leaked by Amazon US Square Enix have officially confirmed that Sleeping Dogs: The Definitive Edition will arrive on Xbox One, PC and PS4 on October 10th this year.

The above trailer that was released as part of the announcement sure does look pretty, but sadly it’s not actual gameplay. In fact, it’s kind of pointless.

If United Front Games are to be believed then the Definitive Edition does just include a resolution upgrade:

“It was an exciting opportunity for the original development team to be able revisit a game we’re so passionate about”, said Dan Sochan, Senior Producer at United Front Games. “We’re giving old and new fans a lot reasons to pick up the game, as we’ve gone beyond just increasing resolution and running at 1080p.  We listened to the fans: we tuned gameplay, we added to the ambience of Hong Kong, increased audio fidelity and pushed the visuals further than we could on the previous generation of consoles.”

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Furthermore the package will include all 24 pieces of DLC released for Sleeping Dogs.

“Sleeping Dogs was a huge success and bringing it to the new generation of consoles was an easy decision” said Jon Brooke, Vice President of Brand and European Marketing at Square Enix Europe. “Updated visuals and the inclusion of all the downloadable content really makes this the Definitive Edition of the game.”

I absolutely loved Sleeping Dogs when it first came out, but in order to warrant a second purchase the Definitive Edition is going to have to offer quite an upgrade across the board.

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  1. Hey this is a really attractive looking website, must say I am rather jealous!

    Anyway’s, I didn’t think Sleeping Dogs was even good enough to need a “definitive edition”, and that CG trailer certainly hasn’t changed my opinion. Guess Square Enix are desperately trying to salvage whatever extra profit they can from older projects before they go under.

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