Saints Row IV Coming To Xbox One And PS4, Plus New Standalone Expansion “Gat Out Of Hell” Announced

Saints Row fans rejoice because there’s been two interesting snippets of new announced today. Firstly Saints Row IV will be coming to both Xbox One and PS4 on January 27th in Saints Row IV: Re-Elected. Not much more is known at this point, but presumably there will be a graphical upgrade and with any luck  60fps support.

The second Saints Row announcement concerns a standalone expansion titled Gat out of Hell, featuring everyone’s favorite Johnny Gat. Over the course of about 6-8 hours you’ll play as either Johnny Gat or  Kinzie Kensington (or both in 2-player coop) as they travel to Hell in order to confront Satan and save the soul of the boss of the 3rd Street Saints. Sound crazy? It is.

The expansion will launch alongside the Re-elected versions of Saints Row IV and will cost $19.99.

Speaking to the Escapist:

“It’s very much an over-the-top crazy adventure where Johnny Gat goes into hell,” Jaros of Deep Silver said. “You tear up Hell. It’s an open world sand box you have lots of different activities and diversions to go play in to try and take over the city.”

New features will include demonic wings and the ability to summon imps, plus seven weapons modelled after the seven deadly sins. Again, speaking to the Escapist:

“Our sloth weapon is an armchair with miniguns on it and then when you pull the recliner to put your feet up you fire missles,” Jaros said. “There’s something beautifully silly about sliding around in an armchair with miniguns.”

The Saints Row series has gotten progressively more bat-shit insane, and while many long-term fans have not been pleased with the chances I’ve personally loved them, thoroughly enjoying the series revelling in being a game.

Does the expansion look awesome? Yes. Yes it does. Need proof? Watch the trailer.

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