Mortal Kombat X Release Date Announced, Goro To Be A Pre-order Bonus


The tenth game in the legendary Mortal Kombat series will be available on Xbox One, PS4, PS, Xbox 360 and PS3 on April 14th, publisher Warner Bros. has confirmed. The game will launch worldwide on that date, so us UK boys and girls don’t have to wait a few days extra.

However, there was some bad news. Series mainstay and resident four-armed badass Goro has been reserved specially as a pre-order bonus, and therefore presumably as paid DLC later on. No word on exactly which retailer/s will have this bonus yet.

Seriously? Goro!? What the ever-lasting McFuck, Warner? How could one of the primary characters be held back as a piss-poor pre-order bonus? Yet sadly this is now standard industry practice, and Goro serves as yet another example of just how far these companies are willing to go in order to secure pre-orders, meanwhile the customer suffers.

The worst thing? People will pre-order. They’ll run off to whack in an order for…what, exactly? What’s the real benefit: a small costume, piece of DLC or other crappy little item that could have been put in the game for everyone to enjoy? It’s not like there’s a fear of copies running out, so no need to reserve yours. Mostly the answer seems to be that people want the game on release, instead of waiting for reviews and whatnot, before then bitterly complaining about how a game is broken on launch.

Here’s an idea: stop pre-ordering. Make developers and publishers put out working titles on launch with all content included. Let’s all get Goro.


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