Are Microsoft About To Buy Mojang? Rumour Mill Says Yes

Well, here’s a rather unexpected rumour that’s doing the rounds. According to the Wall Street Journal a “person with knowledge of the matter” has told them that Microsoft are in discussions to buy Mojang, the company that created and owns Minecraft.

According to the aforementioned “person with knowledge” the deal could be worth up to $2-billion, and may be signed as early as this week. Should such a deal occur Microsoft would own Minecraft which has now sold 34-million copies worldwide, and has also just been released on Xbox One.

If this deal is true, then it would cast some doubt over the forthcoming PS4 version of Minecraft, as it would seem unlikely that Microsoft would want the game on Sony’s machine, even if it did mean another chunk of profit.

The biggest question is whether Mojang would be willing to sell themselves. Given the success of Minecraft it doesn’t seem like they need financial support. However, one could argue that when it comes down to it, all Mojang has at the moment is Minecraft, with their future uncertain. As developers, are they one-hit wonders?

At the moment, I say this is just another daft rumour floating around, and that we shouldn’t put much stock in it. As always, though, there’s the possibility of it being true, and if so it would be a major acquisition for Microsoft, assuming Mojang are capable of creating something else of note.


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