Destiny Is Getting Big Changes To The Way Engrams Work


One of the biggest sources of rage within Destiny has been how Legendary Engrams often turn out to be complete tat. Indeed, I even briefly mentioned it in my review, though it was just one problem in a system of much larger flaws in regards to the loot system.

Bungie, it seems, are listening, though, as they’ve announced some big changes for Destiny which are due to arrive next week. Once the update arrives all Engrams will decode into their shown quality level or higher. That means a purple Legendary Engram will always decode into either a Legendary piece of loot, or possibly even an Exotic or upgrade materials. Likewise a rare blue Engram will always result into a rare item. This means no more running home from a mission clutching a Legendary Engram only to get a common piece of junk for your effort.

Furthermore there will be more chances of getting Engrams. Daily Heroics, Weekly Heroics, and Vanguard: Tiger Playlist activities will all have Rare and Legendary Engrams added to their rewards, finally giving us a decent reason to play them.

Be warned, though, any Legendary Engrams you’re currently holding onto will be downgraded to Rares upon the patch, which seems a tad harsh.

Hats off, Bungie, you’re fixing up your game.

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