Star Wars: Battlefront To Launch in 2015 Along With Battlefield: Hardline, Battlefield 5 To Arrive in 2016


Ea have had a busy day. During an investor call today EA revealed that the new Star Wars: Battlefront game from DICE will be releasing in time for Christmas 2015. They followed up with an official announcement via Twitter:

This makes sense as the new J.J. Abrams  Star Wars directed movie is going to be launched in December of 2015, and coinciding the new game is just simply good business,

But that won’t be EA’s only FPS launching in 2015 as the company also confirmed that Battlefield: Hardline will be arriving on March 15th of 2015, hopefully in working order.

And finally they also revealed that the next primary title in the Battlefield series, presumably called Battlefield 5, will be launched in EA’s 2017 fiscal year, which means October-December of 2016.

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