Logitech Announce The G303 Daedalus Apex Mouse


Logitech have been at it again, this time working hard on a follow-up to the G302 MOBA mouse they released last year. This one is aptly named the G303 Daedalus Apex Mouse, and to simply look at the picture there doesn’t seem to be much different between it and its ancestor.

Still, Logitech are claiming its even better than the G302, which I previously reviewed back when I still did scores, awarding it a middling 3 out of 5, viewing it as having great performance for the money, but also very uncomfortable. Keep your eyes out for a review of this new beast on this very site.

The G303 Daedalus Apex Mouse sports:

“Advanced Optical Sensor

This performance-oriented mouse features Logitech’s best optical sensor for maximum tracking accuracy. Our exclusive Delta Zero optical sensor technology minimizes speed-related accuracy variance, commonly known as “mouse acceleration,” for improved accuracy and precision targeting. Combining a huge DPI range of 200 all the way up to 12,000 with zero smoothing, this mouse delivers unparalleled tracking performance and responsiveness, and tracks movement at 300 inches per second. The optical sensor can also be tuned to achieve optimum lift-off distance and maximum tracking speeds on any gaming surface, so you can always get the best possible tracking response.

Performance-Driven Design

The Logitech G303 delivers the utmost accuracy, responsiveness and performance in a lightweight, compact and durable design. The Logitech G exclusive metal spring tensioning system reduces pre-travel, resulting in improved button responsiveness and feel. The left and right click buttons have also been tested for 20 million clicks – which is the equivalent of a top professional gamer practicing 10 hours per day for two years – so you can confidently game for hours on end.

RGB Customizable Lighting

For maximum visual appeal, full-colour RGB lighting on the Logitech G303 projects light onto your mouse pad and can be customized from a palette of up to 16.8 million colours. You can bring your mouse to life with “breathing” light patterns, or set your lighting to sleep when you aren’t using your system.”

The mouse will be available in the end of March and has a recommended retail price of Edited: A small mistake was made, and the actual price is £59.99

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