Dying Light 1.5 Patch Fixes AMD Performance, Review Will Be Forthcoming


You might remember a little while back I published a short piece talking about what a mess Dying Light was for many, many AMD processor users on PC, including myself. I was pretty….uh, harsh, in my wording, and frankly it was deserved. Despite running a system sporting an FX-8350, R9 290 and 8GB of Ram, all of which meet the game’s recommended specifications, an average of just 25fps was the norm for me, and for a lot of other people.

The problem was Techland did a horrendous job when it came to AMD CPUs. The forums were flooded with angry gamers, many of which were incredibly pissed off with having spent so much money on yet another triple A title with a sub-par release. As a result of the performance I decided not to review the game. No code from the publisher had been forthcoming, so I’d bought the game and somewhat regretted it as the sub-30fps performance was giving me a headache. With review code coming in from other publishers I pushed Dying Light to the backburner. The only thing I did was publish a brief piece talking about the game’s problems in order to warn consumers. I’ve been checking in every time a new patch was released to see if there was any improvement, but alas, no luck.
Until now. Patch 1.5 introduces a new hard mode into the game, but most importantly provides huge performance increases for AMD CPU users, such as myself. Now I’m managing to maintain around 50-60fps with high settings, as are many other people. There’s still a few gamers experiencing problems, but very few, it seems.

With Dying Light finally running how it should have on launch I’m now planning on doing a review. Obviously it’s a bit late now, and it will probably take some time as there will hopefully be a few other games in for review in the coming weeks, but some of you might still be interested in reading my views on it. Y’know, maybe. Right? Hello?

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