Gamestop Lists Star Wars: Battlefront As Being Released On December 10th

Star Wars Battlefront

Let’s just preface this little news piece by saying that I absolutely love the Star Wars: Battlefront games, and any news on the forthcoming, and well earned, sequel gets me excited. Even if EA are involved.

The Italalian side of Gamestop have potentially let the release date of Star Wars: Battlefront slip, listing the game as arriving on the 10th of December. Recently the very same retailer listed the forthcoming Rainbow Six: Seige as coming out in October, before hastily removing the date.

Now, this could potentially just be a placeholder date for Star Wars: Battlefront. However, firstly if it was a placeholder then I’d expect both the Rainbow Six date and the Star Wars date to match. Furthermore some extra heft is added to the rumour when one considers that December 10th would put the game’s official release date just one week before the new Star Wars movie hits cinemas.


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