First Trailer For Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Arrives

It seems that the man who never asked for this has become willing to fully embrace what he has become in the first ever trailer for Deux Ex: Mankind Divided.

Set twelve years after the events of Human Revolution Adam Jensen is back and living a world that now fears and distrusts augmented humans. A series of terrorist attacks are making things worse, and Jensen will be joining forces with a special interpol-funded taskforce to hunt down those responsible.

All in all it’s a nice trailer and I like how they are sticking to the black and gold themes. Near the end there we get a glimpse of what will presumably be a new ability for Jensen as he layers on some serious armor. Most importantly he has now seemingly accepted his role as an augmented human and embraced what that can do for him, turning him into an impressive killer.

Am I excited? Oh, I’m excited.

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