Star Wars: Battlefront’s Awesome Stormtrooper Image Is A Rendered In-Game Asset


Over the past few days EA and DICE have been slowly teasing the image of a Stormtrooper from Star Wars: Battlefront. They’ve been gradually releasing individual tiles which when put together create one large image which you can see above.

According to community manager Mathew Everett is an in-game asset rendered for this early reveal.

What this means is the final in-game product won’t look as good as the image, but will be based on the very same model and textures. Just how close can the final product get?

As someone who spent hundreds of hours on the first two Battlefront game there’s no way I can deny being super pumped for the return, despite the fact that I always attempt to avoid all hype and go into every game with a level head. Even the involvement of EA can’t squash my hype. DICE are masters of multiplayer, even if they seemingly can’t launch a game without huge problems, and the Battlefront template fits them perfectly.

Bring it on.


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