New Mad Max Gameplay Trailer Is Actually Pretty Awesome

Releasing on September 1st the prospect of the forthcoming Mad Max game has been…divisive. The potential is certainly there, but many people were wondering if Avalanche Studios, most famous for the Just Cause games, could pull it off.

Well, the new gameplay trailer seems to indicate that they can. We’re treated to vast vistas of endless desert and scorched land in which you can drive your full customisable and upgradable car, the Magnum Opus. RPG mechanics are in play with numerous upgrades for Max, plus what looks like it could be a very Batman: Arkham style combat system going on, too. It looks absolutely beautiful, to boot.

Not everyone wants to kill Max, which is nice. There’s plenty of helpful people to meet in the open world, and lending them a hand can earn you some nice gear.

I’m certainly intrigued.


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