2K’s Advent Teaser Sight Reveals New XCOM Game


2K Games special Advent site has slowly been getting “hacked”, revealing more and more clues to a new game. At first due to the clues surrounding gene therepy some assumed a new Bioshock game was imminent, however new clues have turned up and users on Reddit have determined that a new XCOM game is coming.

The first piece of the puzzle was this image, which included  black letters and a link rather badly hidden in the middle of it.


Following the link in the middle takes you to a special Advent pamphlet, which includes the picture you see below. In that picture are obvious letters in red:


If you then re-arrange all the letters, which total thirteen, you can then form the words Vigilo Confido, the very motto used on the XCOM insignia in XCOM; Enemy Unknown. The site also drops more heavy hints, such as “we will return” and “we are still here”. Presumably an official announcement will be made soon, but you can always listen to this new voice over in the mean time.

So, whats does it all mean? Advent is being advertised as some sort of free gene therapy than can do wonders for your health, and as such millions of people seem to be willingly subjecting themselves to it, but as the voice over says are they simply sacrificing freedom for security, an idea which very much reflects current affairs around the world. The idea that such therapy and other technologies would prove dangerous in the long run was tossed around a lot in XCOM, so this could be the obvious payoff. Furthermore we can probably assume it’s XCOM hacking the Advent website, indicating that they are now some sort of underground movement battling to keep the world free.

Of course there’s no guarantee that this will be a top-down tactical game like Enemy Unknown was. The Bureau showed that 2K Games had an interest in expanding the universe into different game styles.

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